Modern Application Development

One of the core challenges for large enterprises is how they manage to deliver speed without introducing unacceptable levels of risk. Most enterprises need to both change existing system and integrate them with new ones operating in a bi-modal/ mixed IT environment.

We help organizations to compete with digital natives, by helping them design, architect and build solutions that leverage the latest technology in conjunction with existing IT assets as appropriate.

Our approach leverages leading edge technologies in a manner that mitigates interdependencies between people and systems, is focused on speed and most importantly on customer value.


We help our clients realize their data journey from data collection to data-driven organizations.

Our breadth in data analytics technology; from warehouses and business intelligence to large scale big-data solutions and associated analytic frameworks allow us to help our clients across the spectrum. Combined with our technical ability our deep expertise in the financial services space allows us to quickly help clients realize value from the data they have.

Managed Services

As enterprise IT moves to a more modern agile model, it needs a partner that understands agility and how to offer services and commitments that make sense in this new way of running business.

Our clients rely on us to deliver development and operational services in a partnership model that recognizes the evolution of delivery and how to build a shared risk model that works to ensure improvement objectives are met together.