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We understand enterprise

– Operating in controlled and regulated environments.

– Leveraging tools and process that fit unique operational needs.

– Experienced implementing large scale improvements and managing associated changes.

Delivering agility in a regulated entity 


The problem

How do you introduce agility into a highly controlled managed process where change is managed and controlled by multiple constituents within the company, including a CCB, Internal and External Audit?

The solution

Adopting automation in deployment was a clear need, but the tracking from the CCB through environment sign-offs was also a key requirement. These processes needed to be digitized and tracked and ensure these sign-offs could be evidenced in a manner that would satisfy partners in the audit and control groups.

Rightsizing with the cloud

The problem

After going through a period of rapid growth and investment the technology leadership at a large mortgage insurer was at a point where they ready to look at the benefits they had gotten from their investment in the cloud. They quickly determined that contrary to all the hype not all workloads make sense to be fully in the cloud.


The solution

Technology leadership decided to invest in truly optimizing their usage of cloud with the focus being on greater efficiency and control. They determined several parameters on which to evaluate existing and new applications to determine eligibility for the cloud. They also found the cost of adopting a multi-cloud strategy offered them key advantages in functionality and pricing.

Enterprise B2B UX


The problem

Business interact with each other through data and is the primary "user experience" for a business.

For a large growing mortgage services provider this interface had grown to be complex and hard to use for their wide array of customers. In addition the wide array of formats provided by customers made it harder for the business to consume and provide streamlined services.


The solution

Technology leadership decided that they needed to employ a two pronged strategy to improve their customer experience.

First, to improve the customer experience, a service gateway model which accepted even a wider array of data types was implemented.

Second, to simplify consumption a new transformation process built on BPMN/BPEL was implemented that converted data to a single canonical XML model that was consumed by downstream business service providers, simplifying data consumption and processing.

Delivering data governance at scale

The problem

A market regulator had successfully adopted a cloud strategy to deal with the scale of information they needed to process. However, they quickly came to the conclusion that even though the cloud can help with processing it did not automatically solve problems associated with data governance. Without proper governance and lineage in place, the migration was leading to difficult and expensive maintenance and management issues.


The solution

The team determined that separating processing from storage and tracking lineage of all data in a standard manner with a unified metadata repository was needed. The solution needed to be storage agnostic and would completely separate big data processing techniques from storage. With no existing commercial solution available that worked with the cloud stack that was being leveraged they invested in building a solution and decided to doing so with the community by leveraging an open source model.


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